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Shawn Lindsey

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Active Record Outside of Rails - Setup

Posted on March 9th, 2016.

Sometimes it's nice to set up Active Record outside of Rails. It's really quite easy.

The above repo will get you going fast with Active Record in a Ruby app.

  1. Clone the repo above with
    > git clone
  2. > bundle install
  3. > rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  4. that's it!

You can look through to see where all the action is.

The gem standalone_migrations lets you use normal migrations (like in Rails). This uses a sqlite3 db (but you could use another)

Check out Gemfile in the repo

> ruby contact_manager.rb setup // runs the program for the first time and sets up the DB (see the code)
> ruby contact_manager.rb // runs the program the rest of the time
> contacts L // When the program is running type this in to see it working (real exciting)
> contacts email // Type this in to see other 'features' of this program
> exit // will end the program

Really just look through the very small repo to see how it works. Have fun!